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Dr. Piotr A. Domanski

National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA

Piotr A. Domanski has been associated with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD, USA for almost forty years where he led the HVAC&R Equipment Performance Group for over two decades before becoming a NIST Fellow.

His research focused on alternative refrigerants and on modeling of vapor-compression air-conditioning equipment.  His current interests also include evolutionary computation-based optimization methods, automated commissioning, and fault detection and diagnostics with the goal to improve the performance of air conditioners and heat pumps for application in both current and net-zero structures.

Dr. Domanski is an ASHRAE Fellow and the IIR Honorary President of the Science and Technology Council. He holds a M.S. degree from the Gdansk University of Technology, Gdansk, Poland, and Ph.D. degree from the Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, USA.